Die Kartenwurfel (The Card Dice) vintage Germany: scare


Never saw this one  from this manufacturer before. Vintage from the Doc Mossey collection.

A box is opened and individual blocks of wood are dumped onto the table.   The case is turned on end and the magician stacks random blocks on top of the case.  They are truly random on both sides. It is covered with a hanky.  A spectator chooses a card. When the hanky is removed the once random blocks now have formed to show the spectators card!  Once again the card is covered and once again the spectator chooses a card. This time the card is placed face down on the table without the magician or spectator looking at it.  When the magician removes the hanky the card now showing is a jumbled mess. When the card is turned over it absolutely matches! The cleverly gimmicked blocks make this easy to work. We include a full deck of jumbo cards. Very good condition.

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