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Dollar to Credit Card, The Vanishing by Shin Lim, Switchblade by Dan Harlan, Clear thru/Clean Thru by Lonnie Chevrie

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Dollar to Credit Card by Twister Magic-  OPEN, BUT PROPS INCLUDED

Retail Price:  $30  *Out of Stock Everywhere Else *Real U.S. Dollar Bill Included

Description:  After the great success of the first version, now George Iglesias brings us his newest version!
Dollar to Credit Card 2.0 have been filmed entirely on Full HD with a lot of new features:
You will learn amazing new handlings and switches for this trick, including contributions to this effect by Gregory Wilson and Daniel Garcia.

Transform a dollar bill into a credit card in a blink of an eye!
Impress your friends! Business clients! Girlfriends!
Use it in your close-up performances, kids magic shows, parlor settings and your stage magic shows!
Perform it in real life situations, at the time of paying the bill at supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, airports, etc, etc, etc!

-Comes with a real dollar, the gimmick and American Express Gold Credit Card.
-Comes with an instructional DVD that will guide you step by step in how to perform it.
-Very easy to do!
-No Sleight of Hand required!
-Self contained! Open the Box and perform it right away!
-Comes with additional gimmicks to customize your own credit cards.


The Vanishing by Shin Lim- FACTORY SEALED

Retail Price:  $35

Description: A Fantastic utility device that will allow you to do miracles when it comes to vanishing an object, or make it travel from one place to another.


Switchblade by Dan Harlan (RED Gimmick + DVD) FACTORY SEALED

Retail Price:  $25

Description:  Color changes, vanishes, transpositions and more… This one gimmick does is all!
Switchblade is a precision-made mechanical device that looks like an ordinary card but this clever gimmick is extraordinary! This modern tool eliminates difficult sleight-of-hand allowing you to perform impossible card magic.

Change one card into another, make the back visually change color, perform an incredible 3 Card Monte, vanish a selected card from your hand and it reappears in the deck held by the spectator… an more! In the included video instructions, Dan Harlan personally performs and teaches you how to use your Switchblade gimmick to do all of this without the hard work.

And the best part is Switchblade is so versatile and fun to use that you’ll be coming up with your own routines in no time. Previously only available to a select few, Harlan has finally made his ingenious gimmick available to YOU so that you can experience the thrill of Switchblade!


Clear Thru/Clean Thru by Lonnie Chevrie- FACTORY SEALED

Retail Price:  $20 *Out of Stock Everywhere Else

Description:  Clean Thru/Clear Thru is the perfect anytime, anywhere routine with borrowed bills… a routine that will highlight your amazing magical powers ANYTIME someone asks. When you don’t have your cards, your coins, your props you need an impromptu miracle and this is it. If you are a stage performer and someone wants to see some close up magic off stage this is the perfect thing to show them. This is the perfect lead in or follow up to any other bill routine you already perform.

If you like Andrew Mayne’s incredible Ghost Bills you will LOVE Lonnie Chevrie’s Clean Thru/Clear Thru.

Clean Thru is a stunning, clean, visible, easy, and impromptu penetration of one borrowed bill through another. This is followed by Clear Thru which is a routine Lonnie has stunned fellow magicians with…. an incredible penetration of your finger through one of the borrowed bills. It looks like real magic.

Clean Thru/Clear Thru by Lonnie Chevrie is a routine you will USE for the rest of your life and always have in your wallet. This is a routine that is as much fun to do as it is amazing to watch.




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