Dr. C’s Q&A: Grant’s Ment-O-Flex: Stevens Magic


Around 1950 U.F. Grant Put out a great effect called Ment-O-Flex.   I sold one a while back on this site. They are exceedingly rare!

With the Permission of the Grant heirs, Joe Stevens a number of years ago duplicated that effect.  That recreation is what you see here.

It is a beautifully built prop made in a very small quantity.  You get a large supply of the question cards which are placed in the question box.  The magician has immediate access to the questions without going near the locked question box. It is a very clever prop. Comes with various ideas for usage.

The quality of the construction of this prop is fantastic and far exceeds the original. the tray is 19.5×9 inches and the boxes are 7 inches tall. It is pristine mint!

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