Dr. Dale Feister Bewildering Blocks: the best Cube Libra ever made! SCARCE!


Dr. Dale Feister was (in addition to being a medical Doctor) was a mechanical genius. A visit to his shop was like going into a mad scientist of magic laboratory.  There were amazing things there.

His most famous creation was the Feister Jumbo Card Restoration but his Bewitching Blocks were not far behind.  My guess  is he made less than 24 of them.  I waited a year for mine.  If you were not a friend you waited longer!

This particular one was Dr. Bob Escher’s.  Bob was one of the most wonderful people I had ever met, magic or otherwise.   He was a past president of the IBM in 2001-2002. He loved this effect and performed it regularly.

Why is it so good? The quality is unsurpassed. The pickup surefire and extremely easy while  being totally undetected. The moves are the same whether the shells are picked up  or not. I watched him make each block.  They are hollow blocks made of Baltic Birch (as is the tube) and were put together with the upmost precision. The shells so well done you could perform it just a few feet from an audience. In fact the photo with just the tubes and one set of blocks is the shell stack set. Blow the photo up and take a look. Amazing!

If you would like the finest ever made (well that is my opinion and many others who have seen these) then here is your chance. The tube is 13.25 inches tall and the blocks are 2 1/8 inches square. It comes with its protective transport and storage case.

It comes with written instructions and also a diagram of all the moves for easy learning.  I have not mentioned it but it goes without saying the Cube Libra is one amazing effect and the routine offered is mind blowing.  It is in used but very good condition with a bump or mark here an there which I have photographed. It is a scarce item for sure!

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