Dr. Satan’s Shrieks in the Night Poster: 40 x 60 inches by Globe Poster Baltimore


This is circa 1958 and is a great looking spook show poster from the Master Joe Karston Agency of spook show tours.  Much of these shows were magic related but of course the blackout was the feature part of the show where the dead walked among you. This one advertises the materialization of Van Gogh, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.  Recognize it? These materializations were done via the Spirit Paintings effect!  Magicians working for this agency were Johnny Cates, Wayne Harris, KIrk Kirkham, Harry wise and my good friend who i dearly miss, John Daniel in his early days.

These spook show posters are getting pretty difficult to find as they have become exceedingly popular to collect.  This one is circa 1958 and 40 by 60 inches.  It  is unmounted. Not sure how any of these old posters survived.  The larger posters were originally folded for distribution and this one will be shipped to you folded. There is wear at the folds but intact.  It is too large to be shipped framed.but if you wish to pick it up you are welcome to the frame..  Mounting for this poster would be beneficial for preservation.. You can buy it on eBay for $3,400 or buy this one.  Many photos taken to show condition so blow them up and take a look!  Imagine this one in your game or magic room!


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