El Duco’s Locked Die, Ali Bongo’s Die Through the Mirror and Tricks UFO Dice: 3 great dice effects

Starting bid: $65.00

These are three great effects.  Each could have been auctioned as a single item but since they were a dice theme I decided to combine them. All appear to be unused. Don’t pass this up as all three are strong close up effects.

Estimate $125-225

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Item condition: Used

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Auction starts: March 29, 2020 12:04 am

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El Duco’s Locked Die

A locked die escapes from a bolt and penetrates your hand! A long unavailable effect from 1981 by El Duco made with high quality props. El Duco created some really nice dice effects over the years with large good quality dice and this one is no exception. Comes with four sides of photo-illustrated instructions and two routines.

Let a spectator examine a bolt with screw nut and a big die (25mm) with a hole right thru. Put the die on to the bolt and lock it with the nut. Place the bolt with the locked die into your open left palm. Close the hands and make a gesture to your right hand. When you open the hands, THE DIE IS IN YOUR RIGHT HAND AND THE BOLT IN YOUR LEFT! The die seems to has jumped from the bolt into your right hand. Hand over die and bolt for examination.

Or place the bolt with the locked die in the center of an outspread hank. Fold the hank over the bolt and lift it up, shake it over the spectator’s hand. Out falls the die, which seems to has penetrated both bolt and hank! Open the hank and out comes the empty bolt and you are clean!

Bolt and die can be examined before and after.

Ali Bongo’s Die Through the Mirror

A die passes through a solid mirror. I have used this effect in close up shows before and it is quite good.

Tricks UFO Dice

This is the original from Tricks in 1975.  It is a very nice effect where three green dice travel one at a time to join the red in a flying saucer type dish..


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