F1 Nitro Wallet from Alakazam Magic UK


The Updated Version of the Nitro Wallet from Alakazam Magic in the UK. Sold for $141.99 in the U.S. when it was available.  This is brand new still in the package. This is a great easy to do card to wallet with many more possibilities.  With instructional DVD. In the original still wrapped box.

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– Perform totally sleight-free card to wallet routines.

– Perform eye-poppingly visual Changes and transpositions

– Perform Killer Mentalism effects

– Load, Peek, Index & Out To Lunch all in one wallet

– Full In-depth online Training Video link

– It’s time to unleash the power!!

For the past year, Alakazam has been working on this new breed of wallet.

They started by taking Jason Rea’s best selling F1 wallet stripping it back and giving it a total make over. By sourcing a higher grade of leather we have given the F1 Nitro a more luxurious look and feel.

The Alakazam team then stripped and redesigned the F1 gimmick. Making it stronger, faster & more accurate than ever before.

The Alakazam magic engineers added a peek, an index and an out-to-lunch. Making the F1 Nitro a true multi purpose wallet for the working performer.

The F1 Nitro wallet comes complete with a full in depth online training video, where Peter Nardi takes you step by step though his personal handling & Multiple high impact routines.

The F1 Nitro allows you to perform miracles with almost no sleight of hand at all.

The F1 Nitro is so easy that even a magic novice could perform incredible card to wallet routines like a pro, Yet it so incredibly versatile that no professional would want to leave home without it.

The F1 Nitro allows you to perform card to wallet effects with ease like never before.

The instructional download is crammed to the brim with High Octane Routines. including Peter Nardi’s Phantom Card (plus bonus ideas). Peter’s Thought Of Card In Wallet & 3 Play.

There are well over 10 mind blowing routines described in the online video as well as ideas and thoughts on the Peek, Index & Out-To-Lunch Sections!

The new F1 Nitro is a true utility wallet that is only limited by your imagination. allowing you access to features never normally seen together in one wallet. It’s so versatile that your mind will overflow when you realize the possibilities.

Two things you should always remember:

1. Never leave home without your wallet
2. Make sure your wallet is an F1 Nitro!!!

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