Farichild’s Fantastic Jumbo Rising Cards: new never used with custom packing case.


This is a wonderful effect that is brand new.  I have always been fascinated with the rising card trick. I have owned them all.

This is at the top of the line for a jumbo card rise.  It is remote controlled, three chosen cards rise.  The final chosen card is placed in en envelope. First the envelope rises and then the card rises from the envelope!  It is smooth working and works from quite a distance. A confederate audience member or someone off stage can make the cards  rise.  It looks old world but has the most modern electronics!   It borrows from The Houdin clock with the glass column indicating no connection between the base and the houlette. This sells for $895 new and this one is brand new with a huge discount for you, Everything  fits perfectly into the custom case. No jumbo cards were included.

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