Flight of the Falcon by Alan Warner: Only 25 made


Wonderfully constructed props in their own custom case.  See description below. case is 7x4x4 inches.  #23 of 25. Never used.

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The performer removes the lid from the casket to reveal that it is divided into three compartments, and that only two of these compartments have icons contained within them.  The third icon is in the Pharaoh’s reliquary which the falcons guard in turn to this day even though the reliquary was plundered thousands of years ago and the sacred objects from the Pharaoh’s personal standard were stolen from it by the grave robbers.

The performer now picks up the reliquary and shakes it from side to side.  The missing icon can be heard moving about inside the reliquary and the performer confirms this by tipping out the icon displaying the blue falcon.  This icon is picked up and placed in the middle compartment of the casket.

Still holding the reliquary in the same manner as before, the performer shakes it from side to side once again, but this time when no sound is heard, he explains that while we (the performer and the spectators) know that the reliquary has been plundered and that there is no longer anything in it of value to guard, the falcons continue to this day to carry out their sacred duty of guarding it for their Pharaoh.

Place the reliquary on the table and then invite a spectator to select which of the three falcons he or she would like to guard the reliquary.   The spectator indicates a choice of color, and then the lid is replaced on the casket.  He then goes on to explain that as soon as the lid was replaced on the casket, the selected falcon immediately took flight from it to stand guard in the reliquary.

The reliquary is then picked up and the chosen colored icon is tipped out.  The performer then turns to the casket, lifts the lid and reveals that the selected icon is missing from it compartment.

This is one of Mr Warner’s most incredible pieces.



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