Genaro’s Magic Mastermind: great mental effect


Nice piece of electronic mental magic.  This has not been used.  Comes with the protective carry case. See description below. Sold for $650 new.

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You show 4 metal tubes – spectator handles tubes – each spectator keeps one of the tubes and one is given to you. They are unmarked and identical in every way. You take a $100 dollar bill (or any valuable or trinket that can fit in the tube) and put it inside the metal tube, cap it and hand it to one of the spectators. Turn your back (or leave the room) and instruct spectators to cap their tubes and mix them up. The spectators then place the metal tubes inside the larger black plastic tubes. While your back is still turned, inform the spectators that they may switch tubes with one another before putting them in the tube holder. In other words, there is just no way you can possibly know which tube contains the treasure – but you do, instantly!!!

I can tell you this is one of the finest effects of its kind.  The items can be handed for examination after or before with little fear of detection.  The wood block itself appears innocent  even though it is of course electronically gimmicked..  No on/off switches! You will never find any thing that looks even slightly suspicious. The remote is small and when it tells you which item the bill is under there is not doubt!  No looking for tiny led lights. One quick push and glance and you cannot miss! You control how long the signal is on!

If i sound excited about this one i am. I think it is the best of its kind. It is brand new and fully tested for functionality.  I’ll send it with new batteries just bought to test it. With case and  original instructions.

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