Gene Morrels Miniature Illusion The Return To Karnak: Veroni House of Magic: England 1947 rare!


If you like rare  vintage magic this is one for your collection. The graphics are incredible.

In the effect the archaeologist enters the Tomb of the Snake and finds the mummified body of Princes Karnak.  He removed the body and takes it to the English History museum and places it on display encircling it with a clear wall to keep visitors from touching it.  At night the wall is covered with a cloth to protect it and in the morning when the watchman returns to remove the cloth the princess is gone and in her place the snake! The Princess is found to return back to her tomb!

This is obvious in used condition (it is 73 years old) but in perfect working condition and the graphics again fantastic. It makes a wonderful display piece!  You will not find another!

It is large with the Temple being 15.5 inches tall! The Museum is 14.5x8x12.5 inches. The princess herself is 11.5 inches tall. Breaks down for packing.


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