Giant Block Cord: Exotic Woods: Special Made One of One by Howard Hale’s Woodmagic Studios

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Very nice item from Howard Hale’s Woodcraft Magic. Made of some of the most expensive woods available! Special order 1 of 1!

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Howard Hale’s Woodmagic Studios  made the finest wooden products available of the day, period.  The company has long been out of business and i suspect it is because the time and expense it took to make the high quality products he produced made it very difficult to sell them for a profit (the Okito Syndrome).  There is no product line very produced that I have been more impressed with.

The Block Cord i am offering here is huge, about 6 inches in diameter.  It is made of three of the most expensive woods available: Curly Cherry, Ebony and Purpleheart.  It is a thing of beauty.  The cords themselves are the nicest you will find. It is one of a kind and was produced in  July of 1998. Comes complete with a protective bag and instructions.  Also a statement of the fact that it is custom made 1 of 1.  You will find nothing higher in quality.

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