Hanada Extreme Multiplying Bottles: the Royals Royce of Multiplying Bottles


These are simply the best multiplying bottles ever made. Anyone who has seen them will agree.

They are from the Kokobunji Studio in Japan and crafted by Keisuke Honada.  They are certainly not for everyone but if you are a professional or simply want the best you have fond it. This is the set Matt Franco performed to a standing ovation performance on America’s Got Talent.  They look like real bottles from inches away. This is a 9 bottle set which sells for $1800 and you have to wait 6 weeks for delivery..  These are new!  I unpacked them to photograph them.  I am discounting them by 25%. They come with the carry tubes which are used for performance as well.  Also a replacement label in case you damage one. Not likely as the bottles are lined with felt in the right places to protect the set. One bottle pours liquid.

If you would like this amazing set and perform a multiplying bottle routine with the most realistic bottles ever made, here is your chance. I will include a multiplying bottle routine but none were originally issued with the set.

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