Hand of Cleopatra: original Ace Place Magic


A spectator shuffles a pack of cards and spreads them face down onto the table. He then takes the small hand and places it on any card of his choice. The spectator gathers up the remaining cards and gives them to the performer who shuffles them further and then deals five cards downwards at random onto the table without knowing their value.
The spectator memorized his chosen card and is then asked to mix it up with the five cards dealt onto the table by the performer so that neither the spectator nor the performer know which one is the selected card.
Another spectator has examined the “pyramid” and placed it onto the table. The performer takes the six cards and deals them one at a time face down around each of side of the pyramid.
The spectator picks up the hand and rests it on the point – the performer neither touches the hand nor the pyramid. (To clarify the catalogue language a little: You do “touch” the pyramid, but in a way that is not obvious to the spectators).
The spectator then spins the hand and it eventually stops pointing at one card, the other cards are turned face up and none of them is the selected card.
The last card is turned face up and is found to be the selected card!
You are supplied with an ornate mini Egyptian pyramid, A small sarcophagus which contains an elegant ceramic lady’s hand.

Of course instead of playing cards the hand could find small items in envelopes or boxes placed around the pyramid.

Includes a copy the original Ace Place printed instructions. The original and the best. Excellent condition complete as issued including the original box and the often missing cap for the tip of the pyramid which is not only protective but necessary to perform the effect..

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