Harry Anderson’s Mish Mash Card: no longer made


I would like to thank Andy Martin for posting his presentation to you tube 10 years ago!

You start by holding a giant playing card as your prediction. You ask a spectator to name any card that comes to mind. You quickly turn over the prediction to show what looks like a bunch of cut-up, mish-mashed cards glued all over it. So, you point to the pieces which match the spectator’s card as a quick gag.

Any one can do that right?

You try again, this time your spectator thinks of any card she sees on your prediction card. You tell the spectator that her card is in the big Manila envelope. You remove a giant prediction card with the words, “Her Card” or “His Card” printed on it.

After the gag gets it laughs, you ask for the name of the thought of card and to everyone’s surprise you unfold the prediction to reveal a giant 11×17 inch REPLICA OF THE THOUGHT OF CARD!

This is built to last. It packs flat and has great visibility. No resetting, no bad angles and very easy to do.

Comes with the giant prediction card, giant envelope, an 11×17 Mish-Mash Card, Harry Anderson’s original presentation, and Martin Lewis’ Cruise Ship routine. Perfect for close-up, and stage.

As new. No longer made.

Out of stock

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