Herbert Martin Paufler’s Mummy Mystery: rare!


Incredibly rare prop from the father of micro magic Herbert Martin Paufler. Hand made in Germany.  Please read below.

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Borrowed from Potter and Potter auction listing:

“Herbert Martin Paufler handcrafted a limited range of exquisitely detailed, finely decorated, charming magic props in his German workshops. He primarily worked with wood and hand painted many of his props..  Much of his work relied on concealed electronics. His work undoubtedly served as inspiration for modern craftsman of collectible micro magic apparatus including Alan Warner and Eddy Taytelbaum.  Seldom are  Paufler’s ricks encountered outside of Germany”


This is a non electronic effect.  IT is devilishly clever. The magician can easily discern which mummy the spectator places in the sarcophagus even though the “un-chosen” mummies are placed and opaque bags and hidden from site. He never touches the prop, no peeks invoived.  It is a mechanical marvel..  Beautifully crafted and hand painted by Paufler. Needless to say this is a very rare item.  The mummies are 4.5 inches tall.

Comes with English instructions. Excellent condition.


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