Himber’s Vanishing Coke Bottle: Merv Taylor: scarce


Amazing series of vanishes, switches and productions using original coke bottles and paper bags. This is a hard one to find and we are including a special third bottomless bottle which will expand your abilities with these props!  This bottle was not included with the original set and was sold separately.

With original instructions..

We have recently acquired the magic collection of Howard Mitchell who was  famous for Mitchell Marionettes!  Howard lived in Whittier Ca. and his Marionette show was a great hit in the  60’s-90’s at County and State fairs.  They hooked up a traveling trailer and it became a stage!  This is one of Howard’s props.  Most of his collection was purchased at Thayer/Owen (Howard was born in 1912) so get ready as you will see many Thayer props in the next few months.

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