Hotel by Ludovic Mignon and the Justice Pad by Charles Justice and Mark Mason

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“If you check in to this Hotel, you’ll enjoy the amenities.” -Max Maven

“I own 3 sets of Ludo Mignon’s Hotel cards! He has taken a timeless principle, updated it with a modern theme, supplied absolutely top-class props and added a number of secret “somethings” to create a sensational effect. This is Mentalism at its finest! The secret is undetectable, everything is open and above board and yet you still read your spectator’s mind and then make a great prediction. I highly recommend this package to every mentalist!” -Richard Osterlind

“Hotel packs the impact of a full blown stage piece into your jacket pocket! The method is brilliantly structured and allows for a deeply fooling demonstration. This is an excellent addition to any working performers arsenal of miracles.” -Luke Jermay

You give the spectator an envelope containing a PREDICTION. You then hand the spectator a stack of business cards you’ve collected from various hotels that you’ve stayed at over the years. While your BACK IS TURNED, the spectator goes through the cards one at a time. He chooses one and puts it in its pocket. Once you turn back around to face the spectator, you immediately know which hotel he has chosen!

Now you decide to take the experiment to the next level. The spectator goes through the stack of business cards again. Again he stops on the card of his choice. You then ask him to open the envelope, in which he finds a room key that MATCHES the hotel he has just selected!

What’s inside

    • Business cards from various hotels around the world. Spectators will not question their authenticity. Every detail has been carefully thought out. The cards have been designed to do the heavy lifting for you!
    • A 20-page instructional booklet in English (illustrated by Tony Dunn and designed by Benoit Drager) chock full of advice on presentation, additional tips, etc.
    • A real hotel room key designed specifically for this trick.

Key features

    • Totally realistic props
    • Devastating impact on spectators
    • Can be performed anywhere, under any conditions
    • Spectators really have a free choice

HOTEL is a piece of mentalism that fits in your pocket, but packs a devastating punch – with not one, but TWO high impact effects.

The Justice Pad

“Charlie takes a plot and finds the cleanest handling. He did it with the cap in bottle and now he did it with impression pads. The Justice Pad is absolutely perfect. It will be the standout effect of your set.” –Ryan Schlutz


“This is a must have, its the best thing I purchased at Blackpool this year” –David Burgess UK

“Thanks Mark for Ghost Tag Pro and Justice Pad bought at Blackpool. Unbelievably simple, direct and so commercial. Using the Justice Pad as a tool to be one ahead is probably how I will end up using it. Getting initials of a childhood friend would also be amazing for a reveal. Great stuff. Keep them coming!!” –Ian Manly

“Love my JUSTICE PAD. Best version ever!!!” –Stephen Maclean

“Picked this up at Blackpool, Best buy in the entire dealers room.” –Felix Arlinton

“5 stars all the way. My review is just get one.” –Barry Inns UK

“Mark Mason’s products are the best. The Justice Pad is first class” –Seth Jensen Baltimore.

“Your Pad arrived in the mail this morning. I’m already doing it. I cannot believe how good this is.” –C.J. Curran Texas

Instantly reveal any number, any word, any picture in the cleanest, fairest manner possible.

A 6″ x 4″, spiral-bound note pad is given to your spectator. While you look away, the spectator writes any number and then tears the page out. The paper is folded several times and the pad is closed. This is all done while you are still looking away. Under these circumstances, with ZERO questions of ANY kind, you can instantly reveal the number, with no re-opening of the pad. The method is just brilliant, – straight out of Charlie’s strolling repertoire.

Remember – any number, any word, any language, any symbol or picture.

IT GETS BETTER!. The pad is re-set and ready to go again, – right in front of your audience in less than 2 seconds.

To re-fill the pad. simply remove the spiral binder and put in any 6″ x 4″ sheets of paper and re-thread the binder. It will take you less than 1 minute. You can use any spiral pad, from any stationers – it costs less than .

The pad comes complete with the marker pen and detailed training video instruction. The video is packed with handling tips, ideas and bonus material.

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