Incredible buy: 10 Pieces of Original Thayer Manuscripts and pamphlets all for one price averaging $3.50 each!


10 original pieces of new old stock Thayer Manuscripts, pamphlets and flyers for one low price.

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Wow what an opportunity.  10 pieces of original Thayer produced and sold manuscripts, pamphlets and poster sized instruction sheets for $35! It is almost what Thayer charged in the 1940’s!

You get: 1.The Enfield Magazine Trick it Its original sealed envelope 2. 21 ways to overcome stage freight in the original unopened envelope. This unfolds into a 13 by 19 inch poster size suitable for framing 3. Construction details for McGill’s one man Miniature Parachute and Next of Boxes 4.Thayer Studio Coin Fold 5.Fifty Workshop Ideas manuscript 6. Fifty Tricks and Ideas for the Holiday Season manuscript (Larsen) 7.Tricks For Television manuscript by Larsen 8.Pencil Legerdemain manuscript 9. Vanish of a Girl in the Middle of a Nite Club Floor by Bill Larsen and Ormond Mcgill.  This includes small plans and a poster size  17by 23 inches explanation suitable for Framing all in the original sealed envelope 10.  And finally Thayer’s the Great Handcuff Escape Act Manuscript

You get all 10 items for an incredibly low $35!  for the first 6 that purchase we will include another Thayer Manuscript called Trix with Chicks that gives 10 effects to wok with Baby Chicks.  Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity to purchase a piece of Thayer history.

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