Jack Gwynne by Charvet 1986 with original touching letter from Anne and Peggy Gwynne/ Gwynne brochure: Mossey Collection


Jack Gwynne/ David Charvet/1986 #290 of 300 signed to Doc Mossey.  Letter to Doc Mossey from Anne Gwynne and Peggy Gwynne/ Original Gwynne brochure.

Somethings that tell a story just need to remain together. This is a very touching letter from Anne Gwynne to her dear friend Doc Mossey.   Doc carefully placed it into this book.  It meant something to him and it does to me as well.  I won’t separate them.  If I was still collecting you would never have the opportunity to buy it.  Doc also added the Gwynne brochure to the book as well. It is a package deal and a great historically important one.

The letter was written just after Jack’s death. Anne says she and Peggy try to carry on but she “wonders Why?” Then states, but “The curtain goes up and the show is on”.  Wow.

Anne describes a Holiday vacation she and Peggy (daughter) took.  She returned home because she was homesick. She also describes Buddy’s (her son) home burning down and that he lived with her. “What Next?” she says.  Peggy also adds a touching note and her signature as well.  In a very important part of the letter, Anne is digging through magazines and scrap books trying to put together information for a book on Jack and the Gwynne family.  This was very important to her.

Anne went on to see both of her children pass away: Peggy in 1973 and Buddy in 1978.  She also never got to see the wonderful book that David wrote, publishing it in 1986, 7 years after her death.  In a fitting tribute,  David dedicates the book to Anne expressing the sorrow that she never got to see her dream, this book, come true.

If you would like a truly historical group of items and a really fantastic book, this is for you.  All in excellent condition.

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