Jeff Busby’s Versa Table: Custom made: number 37 of 42. Highest quality: with custom foam lined case


Richard Osterlind says: “Having used the Versa Table in a variety of different performing situations, I can say, without reservation,  it is the finest magical prop i have ever owned.  Not only does it have the versatility to satisfy any professional, it is also the finest looking piece of furniture i have every seen.  The table is now a permanent part of my show”

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This is not just a versatile magic table but a solid piece of Oak furniture. The table can be set up as a half sized  table, a full sized close up table or an easel type table for gambling demonstrations etc.  ALL in a matter of seconds.  It is one of the most remarkable pieces of magic I have every owned. It is built like a tank.  It comes with a hidden storage compartment and a deck witch tray along with a hidden servante .It is right at home setting in your magic room or home acting as your close up table or traveling to your next show and acting as your main center table of traveling close up table.  It demonstrates class as soon as anyone sees it. This thing when set up looks like a sold piece of furniture but easily collapses down into your roll away custom foam lined case. Owned and recommended by Pros such as Richard Osterlnd. and John Gardner.

In 1994 this table sold for $1285 as an introductory price (see packing slip that was packed with this table) and the case sold for $385 itself.  The permanent planned selling price was $1650 for the table alone.  The previous owner paid $1670 for the case and table in 1995.

The table comes with the most detailed set of instructions (and ideas) you could ever ask for (Busby was famous for that).  This one is as new and I don’t believe was ever used.

It will be shipped to you in its own custom packing case.  This is table #37 and was custom made. Comes with a series of letters to the previous owner signed by Busby.  You really cannot go wrong.  You are paying less than the table cost in 1994.

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