Joe Porper’s All Seeing Eye: no longer made or available. Produced in 2006! New old store stock!


From the mind of R. Paul Wilson and the hands of Joe Porper comes a baffling version of “Mental Epic”. Three thoughts. Three isolated predictions. One incredible effect. Three spectators are asked to think of something. The performer introduces the mystical “All Seeing Eye,” a model of an ancient prediction device. Three times the performer writes a prediction, rolls it up and inserts it into a numbered hole on the “Eye”. Each time the spectator is asked to reveal his thought after the prediction is trapped in the hole. After the third prediction is written and the thought revealed, the spectators may each remove the papers from the numbered holes and find that the performer was correct every time! The rolled up predictions are in view at all times – the holes are drilled into solid metal – they are numbered – the numbers are etched into the metal and the predictions are written and placed into the holes before each thought is revealed!

  • The All Seeing Eye is 100% examinable!
  • The All Seeing Eye is a real attention grabber.
  • The All Seeing Eye was designed to look like a mystical object, something you might find in a Masonic ritual.

It may be introduced during your show as a single effect or you can make predictions throughout your show. As a finale, reveal that you were correct each time!
Thanks to Joe Porper’s genius, the All Seeing Eye works with a simple mechanism that locks to ensure it can be handled by the spectators at the end of the effect.

This is no longer variable and is brand new old store stock!  I had to unwrap it to photograph it.  The apparatus itself I decided to leave in the original plastic wrap. This was produced in 2006

Out of stock

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