John Martin Bridge Sized rising cards: rare


I purchased this from Ray Goulet at a NEMCA Conference about 14 years ago. It comes in the same box with the same sign as when I purchased it. I have had it on display in my collection for this period of time.

John Martin was the premier magic maker out of England. The cards function perfectly with the trademark of the Martin Card Rise being the gears kicking in to raise the card and then disengaging momentarily to allow the card’s removal and then engaging again.

The gears and wheels function as they should but I am sure the rubber on the wheels needs reconditioning as they did when I purchased them.

IF you are going to perform a card rise get yourself a $25 Devano deck and knock yourself out.

If you want a highly collectible piece of magic to proudly display by the master of all magic craftsman, this may be for you.

The price is the same as I paid 14 years ago.

I ust found that i paid $1,000 for this.  we will keep the price at the original listing.

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