John Snyder.s Psy-Key-Lock and very rare stand: a time capsule

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Great correct key trick with the very rare accessory stand.

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This is an effect where the magician can always get the right key to fit the lock.   It does not work in the normal way as the lock is not gimmicked,. There are gimmicks not just not the lock!   It is very clever as were most of John Snyder’s props.. The lock trick can be found even thought it is from the 1950’s.  What can’t be found is the stand that is shown with it. It was made as an aftermarket item for the effect a to hold the envelopes and very very few were made.  This one is pristine mint condition and comes with the original packaging. The lock trick is also numbered. You will never find another!

In fact this entire effect is a time capsule never to be found again.  I photographed the box as i opened it.  Sometimes these things are like King Tut’s tomb.  It feels strange to be the first to open something after 60 or 70 years but this is one of those.  All original packaging.  AN amazing find!


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