Ketchup Down Side and Tommy James Measle Teasel Wand

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Two kids  comedy effects.  See descriptions below. Upside Down no longer available.

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Ketchup Down Side by David Allen

Hey you squirted mustard on my shirt!

That’s what they always say to the classic mustard bottle gag even though it’s just a yellow string. But now the old gag is just the beginning to something new and original in children’s entertainment. It’s topsy turvy ketchup and mustard bottles! But wait, this version isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen in the world of magic. David Allen’s new method allows the performer to place those recognizable squirt bottles under potato chip cans and produce laughs and amazement from an audience. This new method will even let the child choose which bottle they will use.

Careful, these bottles may fool you!

Tommy James Measle Teasel wand

If it’s laughs you’re looking for, Tommy James’ new Measle Teasel Wand will have them literally seeing spots! Bring out your magic wand. Oh, no! It’s covered with white spots! Does it have the Measles? You can’t use a magic wand with spots, the wand simply will not work properly. To magically remove the spots, you blow through the wand. The spots visually vanish from the wand! Begin your next trick, and the spots come back. Of course, you don’t see them, but the kids do, and they are quick to let you know. The pandemonium begins! Blow through the wand again, and again the spots vanish. Begin waving the wand in the air and express how happy you are that the spots are gone. But, wait. As you wave the wand, the spots slowly reappear on the wand. Once again the kids are shouting for you to look at the wand. Huh? What? Finally you see the spots again. Maybe if everyone blows at the same time? Have all the kids blow, and the spots vanish! Stare at the wand, anticipating the return of the spots. Of course, they don’t come back until you take your eyes off the wand! A great running gag. The spots can return slowly or in a split second. The perfect “look-no-see” prop for your kids’ show. It’ll have‘em screaming! 15” Long. ¾” in diameter. Really well made.

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