Larry Becker Versadex Wallet: new

Winning Bid: $70.00

A versatile index wallet suitable for various mentalism routines. Finely made from black calf. Includes instruction booklet with five routines. New.

Retails for $125


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Item condition: New

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The word test alone is worth the cost of this incredibly versatile prop. It’ll also enable you to perform some of the most powerful mental effects ever conceived.

Imagine introducing a spectator during your show and having her confirm that just prior to showtime she freely thought of a word. She confirms that she did not write anything down and the performer did not attempt to influence her choice of word in any way Also, she has not revealed the word she is thinking of to anyone. In fact, the performer actually hasn ‘t a clue as to the identity of the word she’s thinking of.

The performer removes a blank slip of paper from his wallet. After writing something on the paper, the performer refolds it and returns it to the wallet. The spectator is now handed a copy of Webster’s Dictionary and asked to locate the page containing her mentally selected word without identifying it. As she is doing so, the performer removes the folded slip of paper from his wallet and holds it high in the air for all to see. The performer now asks that she read aloud the word that she’s been concentrating upon and its definition. The performer then asks the spectator to open the folded slip of paper and read aloud what’s written on it. It proves to be the exact word and definition the spectator has been concentrating upon. There’s positively no force employed and the spectator’s mentally selected word is in fact known only to the spectator until the climax of the effect. Most baffling of all, the slip of paper is in full view before the spectator reveals her word.

The “Versadex Wallet” enables you to do the impossible. To top it off, it’s beautifully made and fashioned from the highest quality English black calf leather. The wallet contains four compartments for four credit cards (authentic faux credit cards are supplied) plus two horizontal pockets to hold the folded slip and your paper currency. Several routines included. It measures closed, 4″ wide x 6-3/4″ long. Like all of my creations, your satisfaction is guaranteed of your money back.

Since these wallets are hand crafted by England’s Roy Roth, they’re in short supply.

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