Larry Becker’s “Cig-Mental”: scarce


A test mailing from Becker in an issue of 36. It is a trick involving cigars and the comedians who smoked them.  The Spectator picks a cigar from one of three famous cigar smoking  comedians: Burns, Berle or Marx while the back of the performer is turned. He puts in in an opaque tube that is used for saving cigars. The tube is placed into the packing box.  The performer hands the spectator a joke to read. After they read it the performer names the owner of the cigar and says that is the worst Milton Berle (or Groucho Marx or George Burns) impression I have ever heard. The performer has correctly named the chosen cigar! As a finale he turns the cue card around to reveal the name of the chosen performer on the back of the joke just read!

Can’t imagine there are many of these out there. Completed with Instructions and all necessary props..

Out of stock

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