Limited Editions Hydro Rod Escape created by Magiro


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A very unique variation of Magiro’s very clever Water Wands. This version uses a thin brass rod and a completely different method!

Performer displays a clear tube filled with water, a cork and a solid brass rod. All may be examined. The spectator drops the rod into the water and and you then
replace the cork – trapping the brass rod inside.

It would be impossible for anyone to remove the rod without spilling some water. The rod is much shorter than the opening of the tube and the tube is much too thin for anyone to reach inside and grab the rod. Yet the spectator hands the water filled tube to the performer who places it behind his back for a few moments. When he brings it back in view, the rod is now outside the still corked water filled tube!

And in case you’re wondering –

The tube, water, metal rod and cork examined at the start of the routine are the same you hand back to the spectator at the end – and all may be examined again! In fact, you could have the spectator sign a sticker and place it on the tube at the start.

As mentioned, this is an entirely different method from Water Wands – and uses no hidden magnets.

This limited edition is an exact replication of the original and includes the acrylic tube, brass rod, cork and gaff. With full instructions.

A fun routine. And a unique fooler.

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