Loyd’s Ink Bottle from Thayer : borrowed silk to potato: THIS IS A TIME CAPSULE!


I tend to get excited when I find a 70 year old prop that looks like it was made yesterday!  Especially if it is a highly desirable one! This is Lloyd’s ink bottle with original instructions and in the original shipping box from Thayer. Thayer had an agreement with Loyd to sell their products.

It is absolutely complete and the nicest one you will ever find. It is circa 1945.  In effect a borrowed ladies hanky is shown.  The ink bottle is shown to contain ink (it really does).  After some byplay the hanky (it can be singed or identified in anyway) is stuffed into the bottle.  This disaster if rectified when a potato is produced and cut open to find the hanky inside of it in perfect condition!

Great addition to any collection!

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