Magiarte (Portugal) Pin Up Girl Transposition: rare circa 1950


Props from Magiarte in Portugal are impossible to find. They are hand pained and very beautiful prized possessions. This one is from the Bill King Collection.  Magiarte was one of his many passions.  He serched high and low for Magiarte items.  I tried to buy his Magiarte collection at the same time I purchased  his  Milson Worth. collection. Frankly, they were just too expensive.  I have been able to acquire this one which contains his inventory sticker.

The effect is cards containing flag images are reversed and placed in a beautiful hand painted stand.  A album is shown to contain photos of pin up girls.  There is a small screen representing a stage which is shown empty. The stage curtain is replaced.  The spectator picks one of the cards on the stand(free choice).  It is  reversed to reveal a flag.  The album now is flipped through and the matching flag is now in the album in large form and the pin up girl has vanished.  The curtain is removed from the stand and the pin up girl is now found there!  Very good condition and a great item to be added to any collection

The stage is 10.5×8.5×3.5 and the card stand is 15×6 inches.

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