Magic Wagon Mysterious Casket: scarce! 2009 issue


One of the more difficult Magic Wagon Items to find. Tony Curtis says in the Magic Cafe there was a  “Limited Run” of this 2009 issued effect. This is a very high quality magic prop. See below.  You will only find it here. This is brand new removed from the box to photograph!

The box is 9.25×4.25×2 inches.

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Magic Wagon’s Mysterious Casket

This is the first time we have a vintage gold graphic especially designed for magic apparatus. Each image is uniquely hand finished using the same techniques and materials used in the Jewelry Box industry. An ultra clear, glossy coating is then applied to the images for added protection and an exceptional quality finish.

The performer shows a miniature coffin with a nice looking case that has four “keyholes” on the lid,  each with a number 1, 2, 3 or 4 under it. While the performer’s back is turned, the spectator is asked to open the case and place the miniature coffin in any of the four compartments then lock the case. When done, the performer turns around and simply peers into each “keyhole” through a little magnifying glass and immediately announces which compartment contains the coffin!

The effect can be immediately repeated and the apparatus can be completely examined including the magnifying glass (Waltex Pocket Magnifier supplied).

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