Magiro Clairvoyant Card Box: Limited Editions Magic scarce: will fool magicians!

Winning Bid: $200.00

A rare item in excellent condition. See the effect below. Use your own ungiimmicked cards and prediction paper. The box is 4 7/8 x3.5×2 inches.

Estimate $400-600

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: Used

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Magiro Clairvoyant Card Box- by Limited Editions Magic. Brilliant routine and apparatus that is new extremely difficult to find. You will fool all of your magic buddies with this one. Here is the routine:

Performer displays a simple looking wooden card box with hinged lid. He opens to remove a deck of cards, a small pad of paper and a few rubber bands. He shows the box has a slit near the top through which cards or paper can be passed into the closed box. The box is closed and rubber bands placed around it to secure the lid.

The performer now writes a prediction on a slip of paper which is folded and placed under one of the rubber bands to prevent any switches. Three cards are freely selected and dropped faced down into the box through the slit. The prediction paper is then dropped into the slit as well.

The performer reviews the fairness of what has just taken place.  When the bands are removed from the box the spectators are amazed to find out the prediction matches the cards just selected!

Ok that is pretty good but it will slay your magic buddies when you instantly repeat it!  Another prediction slip is dropped  inside the box along with three more freely chosen cards. when they open the box the cards match the prediction. The box may then be handed out. You end clean. no forces. You wrote your prediction before the cards were chosen!

Ingenious design and handling The mechanical box is very well made. With instructions.

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