Mark Wilson’s Delben Two Hole Wrist Chopper


The classic two hole wrist chopper from Ben Stone (Delben). This one belonged to famous magician Mark Wilson who started it all for me and a lot of people my age!

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This is a fantastic effect built by master craftsman Ben Stone of Delben Magic. The effect is the chopper is shown and taken apart so show its simplicity. A blade and a frame.The blade is lifted and the spectator puts both wrist in the stocks   The blade is then pushed down and the spectator survives just fine.  True confusion reins when the  stock is removed and the spectators wrist are firmly surrounded by the holes in the blade!  The best routine i ever saw with this was Terry Seabrook’s who had a man and a woman onstage and tried to see if they were compatible. It was riot!

This is built like  a piece of furniture. It looks as good from the back as from the front. The hinges holding the hole covers on the stock were somewhat fragile and tended to break on these.  That is why you usually see them replaced.  Since this was mark Wilson’s i choose not to replace the broken hing (see photos). I will leave that up to you. A mark Wilson broken hinge was good enough for me but if you want to use this i suggest replacing the hinges. I received it that way so i am assuming Mark broke it! This comes it’s own protective case direct from Delben.

I purchased this at a World Magic Seminar charity auction.  This was always part of the activities there and was usually ran by Diana Zimmerman. Ben Stone also wrote on the instructions that the unit was Mark’s (see photo)  I will send a statement documenting where and how I purchased it.

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