Massey’s Carica Production by Limited Editons Magic: small run 2016 immediately sold out.


This is a very clever production device first produced in the 1950’s by Edward Massey. The effect is the wooden tube is setting on a pedestal for all to see. It is open and you can see right through it or even run your arm through it. It is picked up from the pedestal and the doors closed. It is shown all around  by spinning it from its brass handle.  The small frame is then shown to be innocent by picking it up and showing it as well. The wood box is placed upright into the open frame and the top door is opened for a very large production of items.

Paul Lembo teamed up with Limited Editions Magic to recreate this prop making it even more striking than the original.

Sold for $325 in 2016 and sold out quickly.  Compete with instructions.  Assembled props is 14×7.25×7.25 inches.

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