Master Dragon Sticks: a handcrafted masterpiece!


These are the finest Chinese sticks I have ever seen.  They are decorated in 24k gold lief. They were produced in limited quantity long ago and sold out immediately. They are brand new and never used.  It is not often such quality props are produced. Even the case is incredible. The sticks are 14.5 inches long and the box is 20.5 inches long. If you collect sticks or just fine props, what are you waiting for? Never used and long unavailable.

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Here are the revues from the magic cafe:

Got these yesterday and they are just fantastic.Everything was packaged so nice and when the last layer of tissue paper was removed I knew I had a true masterpiece in my hands.The case alone is a work of art that I’m sure took many hours to complete.The sticks work very smooth and feel like magic in your hands. The small decorative carving in them is so detailed and the gold leaf is flawless. Its a shame to even touch these but just cant keep my hands off of them. Bought these to resell but the first sets not going anywhere. Its now the centerpiece of my small collection of fine magic. Picked up the jeweled vision cube as well and just cant quit looking at it. Cant wait to see what these guys come up with next.


Hi Dannicus. Have just received my Dragon Sticks today! They are exquisite! I have bought several items from you in the past, but you have seriously outdone yourselves this time!! I know from emails back and forwards over the last few weeks, how much effort, pain and sleepless nights went into perfecting these. But you, my friend, as has been said above, have created a masterpiece!!


Well done!! These deserve a lot of attention!!

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