Max Krause’s Quote Me: mind reading demo with high quality props


Max Krause was a mentalism genius who left us way to soon.  His inventions were always strong. creative mentalism.

This is no exception.  For the effect see description below.

From the magic café: Quote Me is a terrific effect, with beautifully produced cards, and uses an actual book of quotes that is on the market so that you can purchase and even give away the book of quotes to a special client. The methodology makes the mechanics of this very easy to perform, with no memorization. It lends itself to performing in many different ways to suit the context of the performing situation and the effect you want to leave on the spectators. As for method, it is similar to In Tune, also by Max, for those who own that product.


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The performer shows a stack of promotional cards with various quotes on them and the book that they all came from.

He invites a spectator to look through the stack of cards to see each quote is different. The spectator is then asked to mix the cards up and select one card which is freely chosen and hidden from the performer..

The performer asks the spectator to concentrate on the quote they have chosen as well as the author. The performer picks up the book and turns several pages to show all of the  different quotes  they could have chosen and hands the spectator the book asking them to hold in in their hands and focus on the quote.

The performer then announces that a certain page is coming to mind and has the spectator turn to that page to see if they quote they were thinking of is there. The spectator confirms that it is, the perfumer then reveals the name of the author and the quote itself for a stunning climax! Everything can be completely examined at the end..

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