Mental Dice by Labco Magic: the finest electronic mental magic available


If you are looking for the best groundbreaking electronic mental magic Labco of Denmark makes it. This is a 2008 release of their Mental Dice effect.  It is perfect in every way.  The props are may be examined before and after the effect. THE quality of the electronics involved is unsurpassed and the wood workmanship of the props themselves unbelievable.

the effect is tow large dice are shown and the spectator while the magician is out of the room or back turned is asked to put one of the dice in a beautiful opaque bag (held behind his back) and the the other in a wooden box.  The magician is immediately able to tell him which die is in eh bag and the box and the number on the die in the box that is face up!  All props can be examined!

This is beautiful exquisite mentalism. The magician can get the readout on the die in the box either visually or through vibrations whichever he chooses  Tested and working perfectly. This was purchased in 2008 stored and never used. Long unavailable it is available to you know.  There is only one.

The dice are 3.5 inches square and the box measures 5×4.75×4.75 inches. Comes in its own specially made protective case.

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