Mentalists Dream Box: Max Krause with 5 Routines for the Box by Max Krause: The greatest billet box ever produced! No longer available


This may be the finest billet box ever produced.  Hands off from the magician!

We lost Max a few years ago via a tragic accident but this, perhaps his finest creation lives on.  We are including 5 separate ready made kits by Max which sold for $100-125 each. They are all unopened never used as is the box itself. Obviously no longer available. The box comes with its original accessories and instructional DVD.

We should be asking $2500+ for this but we are actually asking the original price paid when the box and kits were available. Only one so don’t hesitate and be disappointed.

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From Marketplace of the Mind: a review:

Finally! The ultimate billet box is here! Imagine never
having to go near the box during the entire effect!. Here is
just one of the many routines you can do.

Several multi colored laminated cards are handed out to as
many spectators as the magician/mentalist chooses and each
is asked to verify the information on them and then scribble
of the text with a dry erase marker.

The magician/mentalist hands the box to one of the
spectators and asks them to go out into the audience and
collect the cards by placing them inside the box via the
slot in the back of the box.

The spectator then brings the box back onstage and the
magician/mentalist hands them a key. The spectator unlocks
and opens the box six spectators are asked to each choose a
card at random from the many inside and read off the number
on each of the cards once they remove the ink, which are
written on a board.

There is a prediction sealed in an envelope attached to the
board which the magician/mentalist hands to another
spectator to open. Inside is a lottery ticket which matches
all of the numbers chosen at random by the audience members!

Combine this with Supreme Serial Killer or Serial Killer 2.0
for the cleanest serial number divination you could ever
dream of! How about the perfect drawing duplication! The
possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

This of course is only the beginning. The Mentalists Dream
Box comes complete with a DVD explaining the clever secret
that makes every other billet box obsolete. Remember, THE

* Hand Made in the USA
* Dark Rosewood Finish and then Satin Coated
* Easy to Maintain
* Easy to Reset
* Solid Antique Brass Hardware and Lock Included
* Black Suede Flocking Throughout the Interior
* Holds Several Billets, Playing Cards and Currency
* Dimensions appx. 8.5″ Wide x 6.5″ Deep x 6.5″ Tall
* No Assistant Required
* Soft Padded Carry Case Included
* Lottery Kit Included

Custom Boxes can be made to order out of exotic woods and in
any size requested on a per case basis. Contact us for more
details. Approximate delivery time is 4 – 6 weeks.

“If you are searching for the Holy Grail of billet boxes you
can stop here. This is miracle class! I give it two big
hands off because now, I CAN!”
– Larry Becker

“For me it was the best prop I saw at Mindvention 2009. So
many things can be done with it and you are always far away.
The method is so clever and the audience does the work for
you. I love it and I am starting to think of a new routine I
can use it with.”
– Lior Manor

“This is a FANTASTIC product. It has just the right touch
of old world that eliminates any suspicion. There is nothing
to see. I really love this box. It looks beautiful.
Congratulations Max, this is a very fine piece of magic.”
– Craig Filicetti

Longtime readers know that I have a philosophy about buying
very expensive props. One of the reasons why I love
mentalism is that most of our props can come right from the
local office supply store, or at least appear that way.

That said, I must say that this is an exception. This is
because not only is it supposed to look like an authentic
handmade wooden box, but it is an exquisitely authentic
handmade wooden box. Moreso, it is hands-off. Anyone who
knows about OEM boxes knows that most of the time the
performer has to be in control of the box and maintain some
handling of it. Not so in this case. The performer needn’t
touch this at all. It is advised, though not necessary,
that the performer very briefly handle it, but that’s only
to ensure that the mechanism hasn’t failed.

When I saw Max with this at Mindvention 2009, I must say
that I fell in love with it, but decided to be a bit
prudent. I was not going to purchase it unless I could come
up with a use for it. And it had to be an immediate use for
it at that. Needless to say, by the time the convention
ended, I had thought of a solid presentation for it.

Please remember that these are handmade so it may take
awhile to get yours. I got mine in about six weeks, but
yours may come sooner if an assistant that Max plans on
using works out. Also, Max made it a point to call me after
he’d sent it and we chatted for about an hour about the box.
You can’t ask for any better service than that.

If there’s any consideration that I’d point out it’s that
the size of the box will make it difficult to fit into a
briefcase. It will fit into a carry-on or small suitcase
though. And, in traveling, you can certainly fill the box
with other props from your act to save space.

Max has taken a classic utility prop for mentalists and
turbo-charged it for the 20th century. It may be pricey,
but it’s worth it because it’s all in the craftsmanship as
opposed to electronics. I know I’m going to get a lot of
use out of mine.

The package includes a 20 minute DVD with Max explaining the
workings of the box, two “tools” you’ll need (both easily
replaceable, if necessary), and various materials to use for
some routines, such as coin envelopes and labels.

Also, if you want materials for a ready-made routine, Max
offers some kits so that you can do a design duplication,
serial number revelation, CD prediction, dream vacation
prediction, and lottery prediction. All items come with all
the materials you need and the cards are laminated to last.

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