Mikame Flying Coins and Tray: No Longer Available: New in box


Opened from the original packaging to photograph.  The coin stand is extremely clever.  No longer made. Hallmarked.

Out of stock

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Now Perform Gorgeous Coin Magic without the Moves. MikameCraft of Japan manufactures to perfection, so you don’t need all the difficult moves in your routine.

Beautiful Coin Vanish – Penetration & Appearance!


NO Sleights to Master Revolutionary Gimmickery!

Display Four Half Dollars in an ornate wooden stand, a wood coaster and a glass. Put the coaster on top of the mouth of the glass. Explain the coins will jump from the stand and penetrate the wood coaster, then into the glass.

Would they like to see Visible or Invisible Flight? You show the Visible Flight. Lift the glass with the coaster on top and take a Half dollar from the stand.

Toss the coin in the air and it PENETRATES the coaster and lands in the glass! Do this with each coin jumping into the glass!


Vanish these coins from the glass by your favorite method (devils hank is recommended). After you vanish them cover them with a cloth for a second and ALL FOUR coins appear back in the coin stand!

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