Miller Hank, Uncle Charlie’s Night Cap and Gag Bag all from Taylor’s Magic Australia


Famous for their hand sewn products this of three of the best from Taylor’s Magic Australia.   All are new. Retail for $95.

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Uncle Charlie’s Night Cap – Sean Taylor – UK EXCLUSIVE

Supreme Magic produced an effect called Uncle Henry’s Nightcap and from that basic concept, comes this hilarious routine. The nightcap is hand produced and is a high quality knitted woollen hat which is actually an egg bag. Whilst you can use an egg and perform the classic egg bag routine, Sean has a routine using ping pong balls which he has used to open his kid’s show for over 25 years.
This prop comes with a link to a full online tutorial. The full routine as taught requires something to vanish the ping pong ball. Sean uses a Miller Hankie to effect the vanish but you could use a devil’s hank, a change bag or even simple sleight of hand. This is a 6 minute performance and you will see the reactions Sean gets with this simple prop. The routine is almost self working.
Gag Bag
The GAG BAG is one of the oldest kid show effects around and yet many are made from dull and uninteresting cloth with no real attempt to make them suite the kid show environment. Our GAG BAG changes between five colors when turned inside out. This bag is very brightly colored and each change is dramatic and obvious. The bag is compact (around the size of an egg bag) and comes complete with an instructional DVD.
Miller Hank
You are able to vanish any small object (see video)

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