Milson Worth Deluxe Oriental Flame Clock: not your average piece!


I have had several MW Flame clocks but this one is exceptional in every way.  The decorations are nicer, the doors magnetically lock, the internal mechanism is better, the swords are built and decorated much nicer.  In short this is the deluxe version of the Oriental Flame clock.

IN the effect, a candle is shown and placed in the clock which is visible within the three open doors on the front.  The doors are closed and the blades inserted dividing the candle into thirds.

The three front doors are opened and the middle of the candle is gone.  The rear door is opened and you can see right through the middle of the box front to back.  The middle section of the candle is gone!   Doors are closed back and when opened the candle has been restored.  I have never seen another like this. It is superior in every way.  14.5 inches tall.

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