Milson Worth Drop Side Production Cabinet: rare and absolutely stunning!


Once in a while something comes along that I cannot find adequate words to describe. No matter what I say or what pictures I take nothing does it justice except to see it in person. I wish you could.

This may be a special order or one of a kind.  I have never seen or heard of another.  It is slightly reminiscent in finish of the drawer box also on this website (I confirmed there were only 3 of those built).  I would have to say because of the proportions and the decorations this my even be more stunning.

It is a drop side production cabinet. This means that after the external sides are shown,  the sides are lowered to give a complete view of the interior of the box. The sides are folded back up and a large production takes place. This was once made by Thayer in a larger size. The beauty of this one will take your breath away. The quality of construction with its polished brass column and polished brass piano hinges make it not only beautiful but very well built.

OK you get the idea. This is one special piece of apparatus not likely to be seen again. The assembled apparatus is 26 1/2 inches tall.  The base is 9.5×9.5 inches.  The box itself is 11x6x6 inches. Excellent condition.

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