Milson Worth Jumbo Card Guillotine: one of 35 made with certificate of authenticity


Besides he Pillar of the Magi, perhaps Milson Worth’s greatest effect.  These are rare and were specially made for their owner including certificate of authenticity and name plate.

This is in excellent condition and includes all original issue items.  It even has the catch bag usually missing!

The effect is a spectator chooses a card from a jumbo deck and signs it if you wish.    It is then lost in the deck and the deck is placed in a clear houlette.  The houlette is placed under the guillotine and when the blade is released it comes crashing into the deck and cuts the deck at the spectators card!

One of thirtyfive made so it is very scarce and rarely seen for sale.  The last one I had was several years ago (Bill Kings) and I sold it for $1800.  Thant makes this one a bargain!

In excellent condition. The size is 23x12x6.5 inches.

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