Milson Worth Ultimate Drawer Box: Exquisite RARE magic


I have been collecting magic for almost 30 years.  Sometimes I think i have become jaded. Then something like this comes along and takes my breath away.  I have owned some of the most beautiful props in  the world including many by the master Okito.  I have never seen a more exquisite prop than the one I am offering here.

This was certainly not one of their catalog items. I have never seen one before although I did know it existed because I did see a photo of one once.  The great collector Bill King (I bought his entire Milson Worth Collection) never owned this.

Not only is it eye candy to look at but it is a wonderful mechanically perfect prop.  It has the black art feature that allows you to drop the sides and back while the load gimmick is right in front of them (see one of the photos).  Well, I cannot say enough about this quality and beauty and the buyer will have something that almost no one else has. It is possible that this is the only one as it may be the one in the photo that I saw.  I don’t know how the paint job was achieved as it is absolutely mirror like in appearance.

The size is a large 11.25×7.5×5 inches. It is one of the finest props I have ever offered. Pristine Mint condition.

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