National Magic Improbability: 1950’s


This is a highly sought after effect from National Magic.  A jumbo card with a hole in the center is handed for examination.  A framework with a hole in the center is shown and the card placed into it. It is then removed. A clear  tube is shown to be solid .  The framework is placed on a stand for all to see.  The glass tube is placed through the hole in the framework.  A silk is placed through the glass tube The card is then placed into the top of the frame where it rest on the tube. It is then pushed into the frame where it penetrates the tube and silk!  The frame is separated to show the card intact with the tube running through it. The card, frame and tube can be handed for examination.

In  very good condition.  The frame placed on the stand is 13 inches tall. Everything breaks down for packing. A truly baffling creation with original instructions. Doc Mossey Collection.

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