Neil Foster’s Tennis Anyone from Abbott Magic 1976: very very rare.


Very Very rare piece of Abbott apparatus. See below.

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One of the rarest Abbott props in existence n excellent condition. This is Niel Foster’s Tennis anyone. Advertised in one catalog (#21 in 1976) and literally never seen.  You will not find any auction results on this one.

Based upon an effect from 1935. A beautiful cabinet is shown and opened.  A tennis racket is removed and spun in the had showing it is a string-less racket.  A ball of red yard is shown and partially unrolled.  The red yard is then placed in a can.  The racket is one again spun in the hand and it them visibly appears strung  under no cover of any kind! The can is dumped out and out rolls a tennis ball which is bounced on the racket!

The beautifully finished box  box is 27 by 19 by 4.5 inches. You will need to supply your own ungimmicked tennis ball.

I have never seen this in anyone collection and believe me I have sen my share of collections including the Great Bill Kings apparatus collection.

If you are an Abbott collector or just a collector of rare fine magic apparatus, what are you waiting. for?  Probably priced to low. Better buy it before I decide to keep it.

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