Nemo 1500 Deluxe International version: Ken Brooke


This is one of the strongest card effects you can do and there are literally no difficult slights!  I have did this effect for many years in my close up show.  If you don’t know the effect (you probably do)  You show  a wallet  that has a window card in it on both sides: one side has a $100 ($20) in it and the other is your prediction card. They get the money if you are wrong. You then take a deck of cards and show it to be normal and start dealing cards onto the table ( I let them deal the cards face up!).  They stop you at any point. You show them if they had want further it was another card, if they had stopped short it was another card. You place their chosen card on the table. You then take out the wallet and open it.  You take the bill out and then the card.  At this point I usually added my watch to the bill saying that it too is theirs if I am wrong. You turn your card over and then theirs. They Match!  To prove you knew all along what card they would stop at, as a finale you turn the wallet over and embossed on the wallet is their card!

Great for trade shows where Johnny used it most!

Brand new with quality leather wallets. Sold through Stevens magic.

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