New Age Visible Prediciton Trunk: #1 of 25 made from 1998!


This is a very nice prediction chest that does not cost a fortune.  It is wonderfully made and has a window which the prediction can be constantly viewed after the magician places it in and locks the box.  This can be a headline prediction or can be made as part of your normal show making the prediction in the beginning of the show and proving right at the end.

The magician writes the prediction down and places it in the box if full view of the spectators. The box is locked and there it remains until it is time to reveal.  When it is time to reveal the prediction the magician opens the box and removes the prediction from the box which is otherwise empty.  He cleanly hands it to the spectator to pen and read the prediction which is always correct. This is all very clean.

Again, nicely made and at a great price!   Has  brass hardware and brass ball feet. Not often do you get #1 of a limited edition!  The size is 6×4.5×5 inches. Comes with a brass plate and a certificate of authenticity singed by the builder.

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