Nexus by the Original Collectors Workshop: Rare!


This is without question the rarest of the small mechanical props created by Nick in the early years.  The mechanics are ingenious and built to exact tolerances.  You will simply marvel at this prop.

The effect is a small crystal (lucite) casket is shown.  It is obviously unprepared as every inch is visible.  It is covered with a cloth and the magician proceeds to make 4 coins disappear and with a tossing motion each is heard to land within the crystal box!  The cloth is removed and the 4 visible halves are dumped out!  The effect is astounding (the coins are not gimmicked so use your own).

This is very rare. You will find it only here.  Better yet this one is brand new never used. I removed it and the original packing from the box to photograph.  As with the vast majority all of my items there is only one!


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