Nick Lewin’s Psychometry Royale


Pyshcometry using what appears to be common everyday objects.  Sells for $110.  This is new unused,

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From Nicks website:

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: This effect weighs a few ounces, but plays big enough to fill a theatre. A couple of trial runs and you will be building a routine that gets stronger and stronger each time you use it.​ Here is the ultimate development and evolution of the routine. The perfect bags with perfect markings, and a routine that eliminates weak spots and problems. More importantly it adds a great opening and closing to this strong and highly entertaining effect. It really is a miniature show, with ten to fifteen minutes of laughs and funny action. The routine is meticulously explained in the booklet that accompanies the five bags. It details an opening and closing sequence that can truly turn this routine into a full act. If you add this classic effect to your repertoire; After a few performances you will be amazed how many BIG laughs develop and transform the effect into a really spectacular audience pleaser. This Is A limited Edition Item. It Includes Five Extra Large Customized Crown Royal Bags.

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